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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Tyler's Take

“Thank you God for Billy Graham”


Who would have ever thought that a poor farm boy from Charlotte, North Carolina would grow to become the most influential Christian of the 20th Century?  I’m pretty sure that even that young man, who was once turned down from a local church youth group, would have had a hard time understanding how such a thing could happen.   After all, it goes against all human understanding that a boy born in such a state could ever rise to become a spiritual counselor to U.S. Presidents and a figure that was known in every corner of the globe.


Yet, this is exactly what our Lord did in the life of the great Rev. Billy Graham.  God has a wonderful habit of calling people like Billy Graham from obscurity, pouring the Spirit into them and setting them upon a path that few would ever believe possible.  We see this over and over again in scripture in the lives of people like Moses, David, Simon Peter and the Apostle Paul.  Individuals that are the least likely candidates for ministry and mission are so often raised up by God to be sent into the world for God’s purposes and glory.


This is the story of Billy Graham, a farm boy with no discernable gifts for ministry, who was elevated to the heights of service to God.  This humble and sweet soul who preached the Gospel on nearly every continent to millions of people for more than  seven decades and who had a greater influence on the spiritual health of our nation than perhaps anyone before him.  This fiery and passionate man of God who served our Lord in tiny chapels on dirt roads and in packed stadiums around the world.  This was Brother Billy Graham, America’s pastor, who allowed God to use him in such a way that countless souls now await him in heaven to say “thank you” to him for introducing them to Jesus Christ.


Our nation and world owes a great debt to Rev. Billy Graham and yet we know that Brother Billy would be the first to say, “It was not I.  It was Jesus who did it all!”  For this reason, millions now mourn that farm boy from North Carolina, a Godly man who proved that faithfulness, passion and love can indeed change the world.  Therefore, I say: “Thank you God for that farm boy who rose to become a great prophet of our age.  Thank you God for Billy Graham.”