Dublin First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
To reach, teach and serve others in the name and love of Jesus Christ


Tyler's Take

The stars in the night sky that shine brilliantly like diamonds set within the deepest ebony blanket of velvet, have fascinated people ever since the dawn of time.  The beauty and mystery of the stars have so enamored the residents of earth that we seem to never grow weary of casting our eyes upon their majesty and wondering aloud if anything could really be so wonderful.  Human beings are drawn to the beauty of the stars and likely have been for longer than there has been the ability to fully describe what they are seeing.  


I imagine that even Adam and Eve in the Garden looked up at all of the millions of beautiful stars in the sky with awe and wonder.  Together they must have held hands and gazed up at all of the twinkling lights of the stars and been both  transfixed by their beauty and confused by their nature.  From these earliest days, when God set the stars to shine in the galaxy of the Milky Way, the stars have called to poets, guided sailors, mystified astronomers and provided entertainment for anyone with a telescope. 


In this way, the stars have become a substance of study and a subject of enjoyment for learned scientists and for simple stargazers alike who desire to know more about them and who just want to appreciate them.  Long ago there were men who were both learned scientists and simple stargazers who noticed a brand new star in the night sky that shone brighter than any other.  We call these men of the Christmas story, Wise Men or Magi, they were the ones who were drawn to this star in the sky and left all that they had to follow where this star was leading.

This Star of Bethlehem pointed the way to Jesus, the Christ child that was born to save us all.  That star had a very specific role, it was to point all those who saw it to God and to His saving grace.  God says that we are to be “light in the darkness” that shines the way for others to see and know God.  With this in mind – Are you pointing to God like that beautiful star in the sky over Bethlehem?  Are you shining brightly with the love of God?  I certainly hope so because we live in a world that sorely needs us to shine bright like the stars in the night sky.